Sunday, August 19, 2007

Amateur passion

I've been busy this summer taking Senior Pictures. My hearts desire is to be a Professional Photographer some day. But for now I'll keep my day job and I'll remain an amateur. Jimmy and I have been busy capturing the perfect pose this summer...I've truely enjoyed this!
(Thanks Jimmy)

Ryan's girlfriend, Tia (left) and Ryan (right) wanted me to take them out the beach last night to take some couple pictures and I ended up taking some individual pictures too. Although, Ryan is not a senior...he wanted to steal the lime light for a second. Great pictures of both!!

Here is another example of some senior pictures that I've taken. One of my friends that I work with asked me to take pictures of her was fun!!


At 3:12 PM, Anonymous k allen said...

Wow...Tam I would not call them amateur! They are very professional, beautiful thought out shots. Congrats again on your most recent achievment yesterday. Those Bay City students will love you! I'm so proud of you...

love Mom


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