Saturday, December 17, 2011

Kiya had puppies...AGAIN!

Our beautiful Akita Kiya had puppies again...this is her 2nd and FINAL liter. She will be getting fixed after this liter of puppies are wheened. She had 2 females and 3 males this time. They are full of energy, rambunctious and adorable! Well...why don't you be the judge of that!


This big boy is our largest pup in the bunch...his name is "Sapparo" and he weighs in at 10.4 lbs!


This is "Kuro" and he's a handsome big boy with a gorgeous head set. He's already 9.4 lbs!


This is "Jiro" and he's a spunky little fella! He weighs in at 9 lbs today!

This is "Alu" and she is our one female that we have for sale...

she is already 8.8 lbs and they will be 5 weeks old this coming Monday


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