Saturday, January 03, 2009

Happy New Year -

Thought I'd add a copy of our New Years Letter and Photo to our family blog...Enjoy!!
Happy New Year from the Leavitt Family!! Almost thought that I wouldn’t have time, but I found a few extra minutes while Bailey had a friend over today. The Christmas Season is my favorite holiday of the year. I love coming home and plugging in the Christmas tree and seeing all the beautiful light displays. I enjoy this time of year because of the extra time we get to spend with family.

Life at the Leavitt household is very busy these days. I miss the days where we would all sit around the dinner table and talk about our day. Ryan (21) is still taking classes at Delta College while he waits to start his clinicals to become a Physical Therapy Assistant. I’ve been told sometimes the waiting list takes two years. Ryan got a new job as a Teller at Chemical Bank this year. It’s different seeing him dress up in a shirt and tie to head off to work…but I’d have to say I like it. Jimmy (19) is a freshman at SVSU and is fully engaged in his nursing classes. I truly believe that he is enjoying the college scene!! He also got a new job as a host at Ruby Tuesday’s. If you’re in the area, stop by Ruby Tuesday’s and maybe Jimmy will show you to your seat!J Brett (17) is a junior at John Glenn. Football season was great ~ he’s pretty talented. Brett got a chance to explore New York City with a friend earlier this month and as he’d say “New York City - Rocks”. He’s constantly on the road with friends. Still no job – but we’ve really been hinting. Hopefully Soon!! Our little Bailey (7) has really taken us down a path not frequently traveled this year. As some of you know, this fall Bailey got a bacterial staff infection which settled in her left hip and caused a bone infection. It’s through God’s grace that she is healthy today – but we had some scary days there for a while. Bailey is in 2nd grade and loves reading and math. Her new adventure is joining BAYS swim club. It is competitive swim where we actually have meets against tri-city swim teams. So far she’s loving it ~ I guess we’ll see!

Jim and I were fortunate enough to get a seasonal lot up at Mesick this past summer. Our entire family absolutely loves this place. It is a home away from home and the air we breathe up there just brings us peace. Lots of memories made by all! Jim’s still at Bay Medical and I am still at Bay-Arenac Career Center. This year, I enrolled at Ferris State to work on my Master’s in Education…I never thought I’d go back, but I am! Fun…Fun!

Our wish for you and your family this year is “Good Health” as that is fresh on our minds. Take a moment to truly embrace your family and enjoy spending time together this season! We love you all ~ as we recall the memories we’ve made with you. May God bring you and your family a year full of blessings!!


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