Sunday, September 28, 2008

Bailey Jeanne...#2

Rough night last night...about every 15 minutes Bailey would wimper about her stomach ache. Not much good sleep. The Dr. came in this morning and said that they did find out that she has a "staph infection" growing in her blood culture that they took. I asked what is that from...they can't pin point it. They have put her on a new antibiotic...Jim says it's the stongest one available. She is complaining a lot about her left hip hurting still. They are checking into a possible joint infection. A lot of "I don't know's," which is driving me crazy. It's wearing on me emotionally, so pray that I keep it together. I hate seeing her in pain and not being able to make it better. They are telling me that we will be staying a few more nights possibly. More later...


At 3:36 PM, Blogger Hess House said...

We're praying in Sanford. Keep us posted.

Justin, Brenda, Taylor, Carly and Megan


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