Sunday, September 07, 2008

Here's my "VERY" busy Saturday...

After taking pictures at the fashion show, I drove back to Bay City and made it to Bailey's soccer tournament. She had three games back to back. She had lots of fun playing with her friends. Here are some pictures of her special day. It was a gorgeous day for soccer!!

This is Bailey and her friend, Zoe!

This is Bailey playing goalie, notice her eye's are closed...(but she stopped the ball) :)

Here's my little soccer player, Bailey ... she can get really intense at times!

I took pictures for a fashion show on was pretty cool. This was my first experience branching away from Senior pictures. I really enjoyed it.

Here are some pictures of my neice, Kayla. Doesn't she look
GREAT!! Kayla, your hair is rockin...I love it!!

Here's a picture of me and my beautiful mom...I love you Mom!!


At 8:35 AM, Blogger Mary said...

WOW! You posted! Cool beans!
It was great to see you Saturday!
Thanks for all of your work!
It was lots of fun!


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