Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Bailey Jeanne...#5

Here is a picture of Mr. Froggy, he went into surgery with Bailey and the nurses put a cap on his head and a mask on his mouth also...just to comfort her. They have been so awesome here. They are all taking extra special care of Bailey, because her Daddy works here and they all really like him.

Last night was another hard night. Bailey spiked a 103 temp and kept it for about 3 hours. Today we woke up and by 9:30am we were down having the first 2 phases of her bone scan done. Then we had to go back to our room and wait for 3 hours, so that the dye can move throughout her body. Then at 12:30pm she went down to have the final phase of this test done. It took 20 minutes and she was soooo good, I just told her to try and sleep (because you have to stay super still). We still haven't heard the results of the bone scan yet. This should show if there is any infection in the bone. My prayer is that they don't find anything. It may just be a bacterial staph infection in her blood (possibly caused by the after affects of a strep throat episode late this summer). I guess sometimes when you get strep throat, it can still stay in your body and travel to different parts of the body. Strange...I know but that's what the Doctor's are telling us. Here is a picture of Bailey painting a little figurine that someone brought her. Great things to keep her mind off being here. Thanks everybody...we love you so much!

I will share more when we get news...Bailey Jeanne is in Room 325 at Bay Regional Medical Ctr.


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