Saturday, October 04, 2008

Bailey Jeanne...#10

Well, today has been a BIG day. Bailey got taken to Pediatric ICU to have her pic line put in about 9:45am, and we got back in the room at about 11:45am. It took longer then I was expecting. The procedure actually didn't take that long, we were only away from Bailey for about 15 minutes. After they put the pic line in, they have to x-ray her chest to make sure that they got it in the right place. Well, they didn't get it perfect on the 1st try, so they had to go in again and replace the line. Bailey was out for all of this, she was just sleeping peaceful. After we got the OK that everything was fine with the pic line, they decided it was ok to take her other IV out of her hand. So now we are!! The wonderful thing about this is, she won't have to get poked every time they need to draw blood anymore. They can just get it from the pic line. Bailey was such a brave girl...she did great!! Ok Everybody...I'm asking everyone I know the pray the same prayer this entire weekend. "Please pray that Bailey's CRP level comes down" (this means that the antibiotics are working on her bone infection). They have a MRI "tentatively" scheduled for Monday. Currently her number is 7, normal is below .8 - if her number stays elavated that probably means that she has an abscess in the hip. So they would do another MRI to check her hip.
I'm believing God is healing my little girl!!
After Bailey got back to her room, she had a nice surprise - VISITORS! She had a wonderful day playing with her cousins and talking with everyone. They spent a couple hours playing in the "Garden Center".
Here is a picture of everyone lovin' on Bailey!

Of course, here is Uncle James being silly...everyone had a good laugh!!
Here's cousin Truett just hangin out with Bailey...she is reading him all her cards she received from her classmates (THANK YOU SO really brightened her day!!)

Getting hugs and kisses from cousin Kierra...
Bailey had a great time showing her cousins all the cards and gifts
that she received from friends, cousins and classmates. She really loved them all!


At 6:36 AM, Blogger Patrice Arnold said...

Bailey - It's so good to see pictures of you and your family. Beaumont looks like a cool place. Just know that we are thinking of you everyday and hope that you can come back to school very soon. WE MISS YOU!!
Mrs. Arnold

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